Universal emotional
literacy is possible.

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Movies and TV shows can make us laugh, cry, and reflect. Built by a multi-disciplinary team of emotion scientists, technologists, and artists, ThinkHumanTV harnesses this power for good.

We marry the fun of streaming your favorite TV content with our Deep Emotion Learning (DEL) methodology – based on decades of psychology, neuroscience, and learning research.

Our mission: to make social emotional learning delightful, effective, and universally accessible.

Emotions are foundational to how we function as human beings. We built ThinkHumanTV because the world’s youth need access to effective emotional knowledge and skill-building – and why not make it fun?

Ilya Lyashevsky, PhD
& Melissa Cesarano, PhD

founders, ThinkHumanTV

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Fight the global mental health crisis
...by watching movies?

According to the CDC, 44% of high school students experience persistant feelings of sadness or hopelessness. With record numbers of teens and young adults experiencing deep emotional anguish, better tools are needed to address and prevent mental health crises.

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adolescents already spend 8 hours a day on screens.
ThinkHumanTV helps make these hours more meaningful.

(Journal of American Pediatrics)

ThinkHumanTV’s methodology is
rooted in Emotion Science


Emotion knowledge

Foundational to skills like emotional flexibility, regulation and empathy, Emotion knowledge serves as a protective factor against stress, anxiety, and depression.

ThinkHumanTV teaches fundamental emotion science concepts using age-appropriate curricula and provides infinite practice for learners.


Habit of reflection

Reflecting on one’s own and others’
emotional states is critical for self-awareness and purposeful emotion management.

ThinkHumanTV creates moments of
reflection during your favorite
movies and shows.


Authentic storytelling

Research shows that for emotional skills training to be effective, it should be grounded in concrete, authentic examples of human emotions and behavior.

ThinkHuman curates popular TV and film with established viewer appeal to provide the perfect vehicle for emotional skills training.

Diverse stories for diverse learners

We intentionally curate a culturally-responsive media library that resonates with learners of all backgrounds.

...But don't just take our word for it

Multiple studies conducted at Columbia University and LaGuardia Community College show significant improvements in emotion regulation and self confidence after using the ThinkhumanTV platform.

Feedback from facilitators and learners is overwhelmingly positive, with platform enjoyment and perception of effectiveness ratings consistently over 90%.


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for their kids


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ThinkHuman long-term

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Did we mention...

studies show every
incremental EQ point adds $1,300
to a person’s annual salary